Welcome to the webpage of San Narciso Elementary School. The goal of designing this website is to provide parents, learners, and school community with easy access on school programs, policies, activities and accomplishments. Moreover, this webpage will provide more information that will help you decide why enroll at SNES.

SNES offers K to 12 Curriculum and special education for gifted talented and learners with special needs. Recently, SNES is awarded as SPED Program Implementer (graded nongraded) with Government Recognition SPED-007 series 2023.

SNES is the best place to entrust your child’s education. Our teachers are devoted in its vision, mission and goal in committing excellence. It offers a high quality learning experiences focused on the individual needs of each child. It engages learners to be creative and innovative through application of technology. It develops learners to be productive, holistic and life long learners with improved physical, mental and social development.

SNES has a long standing tradition of excellence in academics, athletics and arts. Moreover, SNES is recognized as Level III School-based Management practice.

Let us work hand-in-hand in achieving the potential of every SNESians. Thank you!

School Principal IV